Elmer Day and Free Printables

It’s Elmer Day – a time when we get to celebrate reading, and all our similarities and differences. Let’s discover how we can share ourselves, learn about others, and show all of our colours just like Elmer.

If you don’t know the story of Elmer, here are a few details. Elmer is an elephant with rainbow and white squares arranged as a patchwork. He is always cheerful and happy, and he loves practical jokes. One day, Elmer decides he doesn’t want to stand out from everyone else, so he paints himself grey to fit in with the other elephants.

When he’s back with his herd, no one notices him or says hello. They’re all looking really serious and glum – something Elmer had never seen before because usually they’re all laughing along with him and his jokes. He decides to make them all jump with a loud “BOO” and as he does that, a rain cloud breaks and washes off the grey, revealing Elmer and his true colours. All the elephants reassure Elmer that they love him because of his differences, and not in spite of them.

What is Diversity?

The story of Elmer celebrates diversity. But, what is diversity? Diversity is what makes each one of us unique. It covers a wide range of interests, beliefs, races, genders, locations, and religions. The best part about diversity is that it makes the world interesting. Imagine a world where everyone looked the same and believed in the same things. What would you talk about? If everyone had the same opinions and the same interests, we’d never learn anything new. The world is a more interesting place because of diversity.

So, what can you do to make every day like Elmer day? Below are a few ideas to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.

Increase Your Knowledge

It can be very difficult to have an understanding about all of the diverse cultures within your community. However, there are many opportunities for you to learn more. From festivals to museums, you have opportunities to visit cultural centers or attend special events. Little World Builder travels the world visiting architecture, but along the way we also learn about the culture of the country we are in.


Share Your Own Culture

Share your culture and your family traditions. When you share, you help your
classmates make connections to other cultures. Find out what we all have in
common. Begin with the commonalities and then praise the differences because it is our diversity that makes us stronger. Like Elmer, you will see the
positivity and power of diversity.


Have a Feast

Another fun way to find out more about diversity is to have a feast. Why not cook some food that you often eat at home – It might be a recipe that your grandmother makes, or it may be food that you have on special occasions. Ask your family about why these foods are special or if there is a history behind why you eat them. Ask your friends if they have any food-based traditions and when it is safe to do so, why swap recipes and ask them over for a feast? You might discover diversity through different tastes and preferences.


What could you and your child do to celebrate DIVERSITY?

Activity idea 1

Elmer is made up of red, green, yellow, blue, white, black, orange,
pink and purple. Look around your home and garden. Can you find things that
match each of Elmer’s colours?

Activity idea 2

Write down up to three cultures you’d like to learn about, (if you need some inspiration, why not visit our World Architecture pages HERE.)

Using the internet, can you identify two facts about each? These could be traditions involving food and cooking, or the importance of arts and crafts. Then whilst eating dinner tonight, why not talk about what you have learned with your family?

Why not download our Free Printables and print out using your own printer at home.

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More information on Elmer Day can be found on the Elmer Day website: https://www.elmer.co.uk/elmer-day/