Introducing World Structure Edition: A New And Exciting Way For Kids To Learn

If you are looking for fun ways for kids to learn, then we have some exciting news!

We are delighted to launch our new series of learning and development bundles so that your child can learn about amazing structures from around the world – all while having lots of fun!

The World Structure Edition range of kits make learning about famous structures such as the Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall of China and the Statue of Liberty a fun and inspiring experience.


There are 2 types of World Structure Editions available, both of which are based on the proven learning concepts of the highly popular World Building Editions from Little World Builder.

The World Structure Classic edition is the full-sized pack for 6-11 years to enjoy. It comes with an activity pack and 2 complimentary crafts (a 3D puzzle and a crafted related to the structure), while the World Structure Mini edition is a smaller version with one craft, instead of two.
Family fun, made easy
At World Structures, we are on a mission to make learning about the world, and world structures fun. We understand that the best ways for kids to learn are by interacting and engaging with various resources such as puzzles, cards and other fun materials.

World Structure Kits have been designed to keep children entertained and provide hours of family fun, without the hassle and need for parents to source and prepare materials.

World Structure Kits are available from as little as £17 a month and are eco-friendly. Every 3D puzzle is made from EPS form board and is 100% recyclable.

Make learning and discovery about famous world structures fun for your 6-11-year-old child with the new World Structure Editions. Find out more now.
What famous structure would your child like to know about next?

Hands-on playful learning is proven to help children from 6-11 years (and younger) to develop and, with the World Structure Edition, your child can have fun learning about the following famous structures (each kit is sold separately):

  • Kinderdijk Windmill, Netherlands
  • The Eiffel Tower, France
  • The Great Wall of China (Ba Da Ling section), China
  • The Statue of Liberty, USA
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
  • The Maya Pyramid, Mexico
  • The Arc de Triomphe, France

What’s included in each kit?

Each kit comprises of the following:

  • A unique hands-on project
  • 2 complimentary crafts (1 x 3D puzzle plus an art-related craft themed by that structure)*.
  • 3 structure cards, which are visual and include fun facts and knowledge of each structure.
  • Interactive activity sheets
  • Postcards from the two main characters – Hailey and Caesar, sharing their experience of visiting each amazing world structure

* The second craft is only available with the classic edition

“Variety of content is great. We spend wonderful quality time together”

Sarah Burchill, mother’s of 8 years old from Rugby