Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity
Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity
Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity
Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity
Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity
Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity
Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity
Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity

Gift Box : Statue Of Liberty Activity

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This Statue Of Liberty Activity Gift Box will inspire your child to discover Statue Of Liberty in New York, USA, through hands-on learning, and comes with a Blue Toolbox to store all cards and materials.


Perfect for Kids' Birthdays, any celebration days, or to get your proud mum moment! to see that look of amazement and excitement as your child makes their first Statue Of Liberty 3D puzzle! Our award-winning kits are a perfect blend of skills including reading, problem-solving, creativity, concentration and fine motor skills, all through hands-on build and play. We are voted one of the best loved STEM toys for kids in Academics Choice Award 2021 and 2020, Made For Mum Toy Awards 2019, as well as shortlisted in Junior Design Award 2020.


The Statue Of Liberty Activity Kit comes with everything you need to learn and build an amazing Statue Of Liberty from home, with our signature BLUE TOOLBOX to store all your facts sheets.

Activities include: Build your 3D puzzle of Statue Of Liberty (21cm tall) with kids friendly instruction - Make Your Own Ancient Tablet that hold by the statue's left hand - Enjoy the postcard from Hailey and Caesar while they shared their buildings visit with your kids - - Collect your Structure Cards that filled with interesting facts and pictures, and bind them into a Structure booklet, go through your activities cards and learn more about Statue Of Liberty!

Contents include: Signature Blue Toolbox, Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle with easy-to follow instructions, Ancient Tablet Making Kit, Postcards, Structure Cards, Activity Cards!


6 - 11 years old is the most engaged age range, however kids younger than 7 might need a bit of grown-up’s help on the puzzle building! All of the activities in the kit are designed in line with UK school curriculum for key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) - making them perfect for schools, homeschooling, home learning, after school clubs or just family togetherness playtime fun!


STEM, STEAM & everything between! Using their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills, kids will learn about architecture, history and culture. The easy to follow 3D puzzle instruction will lead the kids to build their own 3D Statue Of Liberty step by step. Throughout the 3D building process, kids will enhance their concentration and logical thinking skills that can be used and adapted in their other learning development. Hands-on learning means that they could get involved and get a better understanding of the construction in the world around them through the carefully designed hands-on project, inspiring them to appreciate the spatial concept in shapes, scale, and details from the build. Postcards, Structure Cards, Activity Cards will help kids to have a deeper understanding of the construction, history, and culture of the buildings whilst being a collector and bind up all their Structure Cards to make into a booklet. Exclusive Maker Kit of Ancient Tablet to add on learning fun!


Expand your child's world by introducing them to a new and unique approach to STEM and STEAM learning. This Statue Of Liberty Activity Gift Box is the perfect present for birthdays, gifts, Christmas, homeschool, home education, holidays or just because you want to instill a new interest in architecture or making a PROUD MUM MOMENT!

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Statue Of Liberty Activity Gift Box is made by Little World Builder, a construction learning toys company for young future architects, designers, engineers, and problem solvers. Little World Builder makes their building kits that enhance children's problem-solving, creativity and concentration skills, and that stimulate children’s logical thinking and adapt these in their real-life learning environment, through hands-on learning projects in every kit.

Little World Builder focuses on STEM Learning for kids with ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION, ENGINEERING, ARTS, MATHS activities.

Why choose us?

Shaping future innovators, designers and architects through hands-on build and play.

Discover world famous buildings with hands-on 3D puzzle projects and fun craft activities. 



Variety of content is great. We spend wonderful quality time together. Very exciting getting a parcel every month. The models are being presented to class at circle/sharing time. The builders kit box is a lovely way to store things. There is great learning going on too!

Sarah Burchill
Rugby, UK

As a parent I was impressed with the box, amount of activities, and overall I recommend it . My eight year old loved it as a very hands on learner. He proudly displayed his London Bridge model in his room. I'll keep going with the subscription for now.

Kelly Jones
Mother of 8-year-old, London





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