Behind the scenes

Meet The Founder

A Mum of two, Maggie Jong’s journey to becoming a mumpreneur success story was one that even caught her by surprise!

With a background in interior architecture, Maggie had dedicated many years to the studying of building design and spaces, particularly children’s spaces.

How It All Began

It was only when Maggie became a mum of two that she started thinking about sharing this passion of hers with her kids!

“Each building has its own story to tell, and purpose to fulfil”, and Maggie wanted to inspire her children to learn all about these amazing buildings around the world.

So how could she do that?

She put on her thinking cap, wondering how could she make it a fun experience for her kids but also one that she could play a role in as well...

And that was how Little World Builders came to be.

Combining Maggie's vast knowledge of architectural design and history of iconic buildings around the world and the likes and dislikes of her own children, Maggie tinkered and perfected the design for the very first Little World’s Builder kit over a period of 2 years.

The result? A series of fun and educational Little World Builder kits (and growing!) – a labour of love that combines Maggie’s endless passion for celebrating the architecture greats of the world and her belief in educating the next generation.