Wholesale: 1 Pack Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit  - 10 Activity Kits per pack
Wholesale: 1 Pack Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit  - 10 Activity Kits per pack
Wholesale: 1 Pack Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit  - 10 Activity Kits per pack
Wholesale: 1 Pack Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit  - 10 Activity Kits per pack
Wholesale: 1 Pack Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit  - 10 Activity Kits per pack
Wholesale: 1 Pack Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit  - 10 Activity Kits per pack

Wholesale: 1 Pack Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit - 10 Activity Kits per pack

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1 Pack consists of 10 Activity Kits.

Retail Price at £22 per kit.

A hands-on learning Leaning Tower of Pisa Activity kit to learn about Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and build your very own mini architecture of 3D Leaning Tower of Pisa, with kids' friendly instruction.

Age 6 to 11

Each Kit Size : 31cm x 28cm x 6cm

Barcode : 5065006433035


  • Align with your customers’ needs - looking for fun and educational toy, boost fun, and engage their kid's logical thinking and concentration.
  • Unique construction toy - one of its kind in the market, designed by interior architect and designers, manufactured in the UK
  • Eye-catching Packaging - perfectly designed packaging makes the products look good on the retail shelf.
  • Comply to European Toy Safety standards - all parts in the activity kits have tested and passed the EN71, part 1, 2 & 3
  • Award-winning products - voted one of the best loved STEM toys for kids in Academic Choice Award 2021 and 2020, Made for Mum Toys Award 2019 and shortlisted in Junior Design Award 2019
  • We are here to help as a manufacturer - if you would have some shelf space, we could provide a sample of the 3D puzzle from the activity kit for your shelf display. Please ask us how this works.



We've found that 6 to 11 years old are the most engaged age range for this kit. All of the activities in the kit are designed in line with UK school curriculum for key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) - making them perfect for schools, homeschooling, home learning, after school clubs or just family togetherness fun!


Activities in this kit

  • Build your 3D puzzle of Leaning Tower of Pisa (23cm tall) with kid friendly instructions
  • Crafting fun - Grow your tree using the miracle water from Arnos River that leaned the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Collect and create Scrapbook pages with exclusive scrapbook stickers
  • Enjoy the "fun facts" on postcards from Hailey & Caesar, your Little World Builder travel buddies
  • Discover more about the history of Leaning Tower of Pisa from the building fact cards and builder activities cards.
  • Stick your Award Sticker onto the certificate provided and earn yourself the Little World Builder title!

Contents include: Postcards, Fact Cards, Activity Cards, Scrapbook Pages, Scrapbook Stickers, Miracle Water Pack, Leaning Tower of Pisa 3D Puzzle with easy-to-follow instructions, Award Certificates and a collectible Leaning Tower of Pisa admission ticket!



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2. How much is shipping?

Shipping to England and Wales is fixed at a rate depending on order quantity.

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We will dispatch your order (6 packs and below) in 3-5 business days. With more than 6 packs, please contact us for a specific timeframe.

4. How long is the shipping time?

We ship with our partnered logistic, which would normally take 2-4 days to arrive. Should you need next-day delivery please contact us for an updated price.

5. Sample of Activity Kit

We do provide samples of any activity kit of your choice. Please email us at hello@littleworldbuilder.com to place your sample request.

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We accept refunds and product replacement for any manufacturer's fault should there be any. Please contact us no more than 5 days after receiving your goods. We will advise the refund and replacement process accordingly.   

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Leaning Tower Of Pisa Activity Kit is made by Little World Builder, a construction learning toys company for young future architects, designers, engineers and problem solvers. Little World Builder makes their building kits that enhance children's problem-solving, creativity and concentration skills, stimulate children’s logical thinking and adapt these in their real-life learning environment, through hands-on learning project in every kit.

Little World Builder focuses on STEM Learning for kids with ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION, ENGINEERING, ARTS, MATHS activities.

Why choose us?

Shaping future innovators, designers and architects through hands-on build and play.

Discover world famous buildings with hands-on 3D puzzle projects and fun craft activities. 



Variety of content is great. We spend wonderful quality time together. Very exciting getting a parcel every month. The models are being presented to class at circle/sharing time. The builders kit box is a lovely way to store things. There is great learning going on too!

Sarah Burchill
Rugby, UK

Great parent-child bonding activity! Love the 3D building & also the interesting building fact. Little World Builder is definitely my best Christmas gift idea for my little friends this year!

Joey Lee
Mother of 10-year-old, London





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