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World Architecture

Explore famous architecture,
one at a time,
with fun and hands-on subscription!

World Architecture Edition

Educational and Fun for 6-11 Years Old!

What Is It

  • A Fun and educational way  to develop an appreciation for BUILDINGS and STRUCTURES through hands-on learning! 


  • Our award-winning kits are a perfect blend of skills including reading, problem-solving, creativity, concentration and fine motor skills, all through hands-on build and play.


  • Voted one of the best loved STEM toys for kids in Made For Mum Toy Awards 2019, Academics Choice Award 2021 & 2020 as well as shortlisted in Junior Design Award 2020


  • Designed in line with UK school curriculum for key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) – making them perfect for schools, homeschooling, after school clubs or just family togetherness moment!
  • World Architecture Edition is a combination of World Building Classic Kits and World Structure Classic Kits, with two adventures ALL in one edition! 
    • Your child will be exploring World Buildings in the first 6 months, and World Structures in their next 6 months.
Summer Kits Bundle 1

What They Will Learn

  • STEM, STEAM & everything between! The easy to follow 3D puzzle instruction will lead the kids to build their own 3D puzzles step by step. 
  • Throughout the 3D building process, kids will enhance their concentration and logical thinking skills that can be used and adapt in their other learning development. 
  • Hands-on learning means that they could get involved and get a better understanding of the construction in the world around them through the carefully designed hands-on project, inspire them to appreciate the spatial concept in shapes, scale, and details from the build. 
  • Fact cards, Postcards and Activity Cards will help kids to have a deeper understanding of the construction, history, and culture of the buildings whilst being creative with their Scrapbook, and make their collective Structure Booklet!

Try Something New

  • Expand your child’s world by introducing them to a new and unique approach to STEM and STEAM learning. 


  • These construction themed kits are the perfect present for birthdays, gifts, Christmas, homeschool, home education, holidays or just because you want to instil a new interest in architecture or making a PROUD PARENTS MOMENT!

Subscription plan starting from as low as £15 per month with
Free UK Shipping!

Why World Architecture?

Why World Architecture?

How It Works


Choose Your Length

We offer different length for every child!


Delivered Monthly

Choose your plan and the first kit ships in 2 days.
International shipping normally takes 7-14 days to arrive. Cancel anytime.


Serious Fun!

Our construction projects inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.

How It Works


Choose Your Length

We offer different length for every child!


Delivered Monthly

Choose your plan and the first kit ships in 2 days.
International shipping normally takes 7-14 days to arrive. Cancel anytime.


Serious Fun!

Our construction projects inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.

What you get every month

Month 1 - Month 6

World Building Adventure

3D Puzzle of Buildings

  • 3D puzzle comes in flat pieces, with a kids friendly puzzle instruction. 


Themed Building Craft

  • One themed BUILDING craft 
  • Craft activities varies from digging your gem stones of Taj Mahal, inflate a self-inflating Big Ben balloon to grow your magical tree using the water that leans the Leaning Tower of Pisa and many more! 


Activity Pack

  • Fact-filled Postcard, Building Fact card, Activities Card, Scrapbook page and sticker, collectible admission ticket, award certificate, map sticker!

Month 7 - Month 13

World Structure Adventure

Themed 3D Puzzle

  • 3D puzzle comes in flat pieces,  with a kids friendly puzzle instruction. 

Themed Structure Craft

  • One themed STRUCTURE craft 
  • Craft activities varies from make your Eiffel Tower playing cards, dig your own Ancient Chinese weapon, weave your own Mayan basket and many more! 


Activity Pack

  • Fact-filled Postcard, Structure Fact card, Activities Card!

Monthly Sample Kits

First Package

Big Ben Kit

& everything you need to get started

The first month of your child’s adventure starts from Big Ben, where they’ll meet Hailey and Caesar, their adventure pals.  

Activities in this kit

  • Build your very own Big Ben 3D puzzle


  • Collect your scrapbook pages, scrapbook stickers and admission tickets to make your own architecture scrapbook


  • Explore Big Ben’s Fact card and activities card


  • Locate your Big Ben’s map sticker on the world map


  • Make a ‘Pop’ on your self inflating Big Ben balloon and watch it self-inflates slowly 


  • Lastly, keep all your ‘belongings’ in your yellow Toolbox! 

On-going Package

Sydney Opera House Kit

Activities in this kit

  • Build your very own Sydney Opera House 3D puzzle


  • Design your scrapbook page of Sydney Opera House and bind into your scrapbook collection! 


  • Boost your knowledge of Sydney Opera House facts and jump on to the activities card


  • Locate Sydney Opera House on your world map, stick on your map sticker! 


  • Bake your own musical instruments in your home oven and see them shrinks into miniature size! 

On-going Package

Taj Mahal Kit

Activities in this kit

  • Build your very own Taj Mahal 3D puzzle


  • Design your scrapbook page of Taj Mahal and bind into your scrapbook collection! 


  • Explore Taj Mahal’s fact cards and activities card


  • Don’t forget your map sticker! Find India on your world map and locate Taj Mahal!


  • Dig your own gems that used to build Taj Mahal

Meet Hailey & Caesar

Your tour guide to explore the world architecture!

Meet Hailey and Caesar, the siblings who inspired by their grandpa’s stories about the buildings and structures around the world, they found a magical door in their grandpa’s building yards that send them to any world architectural marvels! 


Join them as they travel building to building, discover lot’s of fun and facts and share them with your kids!  

Caesar & Hailey in Builder Costume

Collect & Make

Unique Collection

  • Start to collect SCRAPBOOK PAGES from each themed kit and design them into a collectible architecture scrapbook for the first 6 months
  • Start to collect STRUCTURE CARDS that’s fact filled with interesting images, history and culture in the next 6 months and bind them into a structure booklet. 

Architecture, Culture, History
STEAM Learning for 6-11

Delivered monthly and starts at £15 a month, with free shipping in the UK!

#Proud parents moment @ Little World Builders Network

Check out our Instagram @Little_World_Builder for more proud moments!

What Little Builder's Says

I absolutely loved making the Big Ben, it was so fun. I really want to try out another box with a different building so I can start a collection. I have pinned the map on my bedroom wall so I can locate the buildings I have built. The activities booklets are really fun too. I learnt so much about the Big Ben.

DS10, Little Builder, 10 years old

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Some of the buildings included are Big Ben, Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Maya Pyramid, Great Wall of China, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House and more! 

Each themed kit is basically completed with all components you need, however, there some essential school stationery which we don’t include in the kit such as

1. Pen and Pencils (to write and design your scrapbook pages)

2. Paper Clips (to pop the interlocking hole of themed 3D puzzle)

Thanks to the strength of paper and board, all themed 3D puzzles use a slot and fit method to construct, no scissors or glue is needed. Have a paper clip or something small, pop out the interlocking holes of puzzles and you are ready to start building it.

Each 3d puzzle instruction has been designed in a child friendly way. Each step is illustrated with numbering to follow. We have tested on a range from ages 6-11, whilst ages 7 and under might needed a bit of grown up’s help.

Yes, all papers, cards, and stickers in the kits are recyclable, so as our 3D puzzles which are made with EPS foam board. Around 100 tonnes of EPS are recycled every month in the UK. Please check with your local councils for your local recycling. We’re trying hard to replace all our plastic into paper-made. Wherever impossible, we replaced them with a biodegradable plastic instead.

Yes, certainly you can. Fill in the personalisation section with a perfect name and we will do the rest!

Shipping within the UK is free, whilst international shipping varies from £3.95 to £13.95. Exact international shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

We offer Monthly, 6 Months and 12 Months Plan, 12 Months being the best value! and yes, you can cancel anytime via your account before renewal date.

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